Where can I buy Real Fruit Jewelry?

You can find our online shop by clicking “shop” above. You can also buy from us in person if you’re at one of our events, which you can see by clicking “events” above.

So…it’s actually made from REAL fruit?

We still get asked this all of the time! The jewelry is made from slices of REAL fruits!  And we never add any coloring to the fruits- they are as beautiful as nature made them!  We also offer some jewelry items that aren’t fruit such as black walnut shells, lavender, mung bean, and lotus root.

How should I care for my fruit jewelry?

Just use common sense:

1) Store your jewelry in a safe place like a jewelry box when not in use- this will prevent the jewelry from being accidentally stepped on.  The jewelry isn’t as delicate as it looks; it’s very durable, but it’s not indestructible.  We’ve also found that storing the jewelry in a dark place will help prevent or slow natural color changes that may occur over time.

2) Keep your jewelry  as dry as possible.  While the resin coating is highly water resistant, keeping the jewelry away from moisture is best.

What kind of metal is used for the pendants?

The silver colored pendants and chains are sterling silver plated over bronze. The earring hooks are sterling silver plated as well.  If tarnish occurs, rub gently with a silver polishing cloth, but do not use liquid cleaner. For those of you with metal allergies, we can offer clear plastic earring hooks as an alternative : ) 

How is the jewelry made?

The fruits are carefully hand-selected, sliced, dried, and then sealed in time with a durable, clear resin.  Each piece is handmade and totally unique!