Hi friends!

It’s been a busy and exciting season so far for Real Fruit Jewelry :)

We’ve had our ups and downs, and we’ve met a lot new friends and  local talent at our recent shows.

Examples of “ups”: We won the First Place Prize in Craft at the Jenkintown Festival for the Arts! And, we took Third Place for jewelry at the Riverside Festival of the Arts in Easton, PA. AND currently, Real Fruit Jewelry is a semi-finalist for the 2011 RAWards. Click here for more info on the next round of judging for RAWwards which takes place 11/17/11 in Philly!   Word has certainly been getting around about Real Fruit Jewelry…we were featured in the LA Times Blog, and we received a handful of international orders through our online Etsy shop.

Examples of “downs”:  Oh, you know the things that come with being a full time jewelry vendor and designer…getting rained on at shows, displays falling over in the wind, many of my clothes ruined with resin, and also a rather high chiropractic bill due to hours of not sitting correctly while working in the studio.  But you know what?  It’s all worth it because I have  one of the coolest jobs and  I get to meet some of the most creative folks in the area by being in the craft show circuit!

Here are some of my favorite artists that I’ve met this year:  Richelle Dourte and I sort of had a love affair with each other’s jewelry when we met at the Clover Market in Ardmore, PA.  Her favorite pieces of mine are the pendants made from carefully preserved, delicate leaves.  Below is an example  of her  nature-inspired pendants.  You can find Richelle’s work here.

At the Easton show, I had a beautiful customer named Rachel who I learned was a quirky and talented jewelry artist; she makes jewelry out of fingernail clippings and belly-button lint…..really! The nail clippings, she calls “human ivory” and she arranges with resin into mini insect shapes or skeletons.  And the belly-button lint (provided by her boyfriend) is used to make tiny teddy bears which can hang on your neck from a small capsule.  Here’s a photo of one of her bears:

You can find her other items here.  Truly orginal, and only slightly disturbing!

And so I look forward to my last few shows of the season!  We should be adding new items to the line during the next several weeks, including many fruity varieties of heart-shaped pendants, so stay tuned….


Zoe Joy


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